Event Policies


Event Policies


Waiver of Claims and Release of Liability

In the context of this event, Waiver, Waiver Document, Release, Waiver of Claims and Release of Liability and all refer to the same document. You must sign the event waiver document during the registration process in order to participate in the event. The waiver is a legal document. By signing the waiver you agree that you understand and accept the risks and hazards of participating in the event and waive certain legal rights regarding action against parties named in the document. It is important that you read and understand the entire content of the waiver. By signing the waiver you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agree to the terms set out in the waiver document. We suggest that you consider seeking legal advice before signing the waiver document. The waiver can be viewed by clicking this link WAIVER or by downloading the document here: Download WAIVER. We suggest that you consider seeking legal advice before
signing the waiver document.

Personal insurance

You should talk to your insurance broker and make sure that you have adequate personal, life, disability and property insurance. Riders from outside of Canada should also make sure that they have adequate medical and emergency insurance coverage.

Event Cancellation Policy

The Okanagan Granfondo, in accordance with and at the discretion of event organizers, municipal and provincial authorities, as well as regional law enforcement, reserves the right to cancel or alter any of the events due to unforeseen circumstances or emergency purposes such as, but not limited to weather events and related consequences (e.g. flooding), hostile threats, highway closures mandated by provincial or other authorities, wildfires and/or population health and safety concerns. If such conditions force cancellation, refunds cannot be provided since funds will have been spent in preparation for Event Day.


There are no refunds for the Okanagan Granfondo (OG)events. There are no exceptions.

Roll-Over Policy FOR 2021 REGISTRANTS ONLY

The roll-over system for riders registered in the 2021 OG will be in effect until June 17, 2022, after which time roll-overs are not possible.


There are no roll-overs for new 2022 registrations. There will be NO rollovers to 2023. If you did not purchase the Optional Upgrade – Refundable Registration during registration you will not receive a refund on your 2022 entry. You may only transfer your registration to another rider. Please take the time to review the Terms & Conditions of this product before making your selection. We strongly recommend you choose this option for the most flexibility. This option is only offered during registration and is not available post-registration. There will be NO refunds on 2022 entries and NO rollovers to 2023.

Transfer Policy

A registered rider can transfer an event entry to another individual by July 9th, 2022 (2 p.m. PDT).

OG Youth (14 to18 years) Rider Policy:

A rider aged between 14 and 18 years of age is considered a youth rider. Rider age is the age of the rider on the day of the event (July 10th, 2022). Riders under 14 are not eligible to enter.

All youth riders must have:
• the consent of a parent or guardian;
• some experience of group riding;
• a solid understanding of road riding safety and etiquette;
• their waiver signed by parent/guardian at Package Pick-Up; and,
• present proof of age and photo ID at Package Pick-Up.

Under 16 (U16) Riders: Only ‘coached' riders under 16 years are allowed to ride. ‘Coached’ riders are defined as:
• U 16 riders who are an active member of a Cycling BC affiliated club with a youth program or;
• Riders who present a letter from a certified NCCP cycling coach. The letter must provide the coaches certification, coaches experience with the rider and confirm that the rider has been instructed in road riding safety and had demonstrated that they are capable of safely riding in a mass participation ride.

Riders under 16 are only eligible to participate in the Cortofondo (55 km) or Mediofondo (92 km) at the discretion of the organizers.