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Clubs / Teams

Clubs & Teams

Thinking of bringing your friends, your riding buddies, your cycling group to Okanagan Granfondo this year? We welcome groups of all ages, stages and abilities to join the Okanagan Granfondo as a club. Any group of people (10 or more) who come to ride together can be considered a club. If you’re planning to come as a club in 2023, we request that you add your club to your online registration here. Still yet to register? When you sign up, you’ll be prompted to add your club name during the registration process.

There are many great perks to registering your club for the event:

  • 10% discount on your registration. To activate, please email subject line: Club Discount
  • Special section for clubs to gather pre and post event (limited tent space available)
  • Exclusive club event pre-Okanagan Granfondo (more details to follow)
  • The ability to participate in our Team Competition, if desired
  • Club captains/organizers will have the ability to join a special club information evening in February 2023

Team Competition

Bragging rights and prizes are on the line for the 2023 OG Team Competition. The rules are simple: the 5th rider across the finish line counts as the “team time”. Therefore, it will be the teams that work together that win this event. The team competition only applies to the Granfondo category. Granfondo riders can form teams with a maximum of 9 and minimum of 5 riders. For Mixed Teams, a minimum 2 of first 5 finishers must be of a different gender.


Q: I want to participate in the Team Competition. Do I have to be part of a cycling club?
A: No. Any team of between 5 & 9 riders can enter the Team Competition

Q: I am part of a cycling club. Do I have to compete in the race component (Team Competition)?
A: No. You can sign up and identify as being part of a cycling club, but you don’t have to sign up as part of the Team Competition.

Q: My club has a discount, but I already registered. Can I receive a discount retroactively?
A: No. Unfortunately, club discounts need to be applied at the time of registration. Reach out to your club president/coordinator prior to registering in order to receive your discount code.

Q: I have a group of over 10 friends and family members, but we are not part of a cycling club. Do we qualify for the 10% discount?
A: Yes. Any group of 10 or more can request the Club or Group Discount by emailing

Q: Are there prizes for the fastest club?
A: No. While we offer perks for clubs, if you want to race and compete you will need to sign up as part of a team in the Team Competition.

Q: Is there a club area at the start or finish line?

A: More details about this will be announced over the winter months.