Classics Category

The Classics Category draws its inspiration from the black and white cycling photos of yesteryear featuring wool-jersey riders and vintage steel frames complete with down tube shifters and pedal cages. Remember the classic Bartali and Coppi duel? Neither do we, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t toast the hard men and women of cycling with a category all its own.

Classics Category

Classics Category riders can choose any distance category (160 km, 126 km, 92 km or 55 km) and will receive the utmost respect from their carbon-loving companions.

Eligibility: What is a Classic Bike?

To be eligible for the Classics Category, cyclists must opt-in during the online registration process. As well, eligible cyclists must ride a historical or vintage style bike during the event. Bikes within this category should follow the general guidelines:

  • Road-racing style bikes (a model of 1987 or earlier) with more than likely a steel frame (or aluminium frames built by Alan and Vitus with screwed or glued joints).
  • Gear levers mounted on the down tube of the frame (exception: pre-1980 non-indexed, bar-end shifters).
  • Basic pedals with toe clips and straps (i.e. quick release/clipless pedals are not allowed in this category).
  • Brake cables must pass over the handlebars and outside the frame.
  • Wheels must have at least 32 spokes (yes, we’ll count) with low-profile rims made of steel, aluminum or wood. Tubular tyres and clinchers with inner tubes are allowed.

To register in the Classics category, visit CCN Bikes at: If you have already registered and wish to change your category type, log on to your registration profile on CCN Bikes.

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